Graphite Electrode

We are gaining our customers’ trust with high-precision processing.

What’s imperative in production of steel products by electronic furnace: electrodes. Among all, the solving process of scraps requires high-quality graphite electrode with endurance against heat and impacts and low electronic registance.
Maruya Industry directly imports materials for graphite electrode selected based on rigorous quality standards, precisely processes them at our domestic factories, and finish them up as final products with the high-quality Maruya brand, stably providing high-quality & low-cost products.
Maruya brand is there for high-quality graphite electrode with our challenge to seek for higher quality still sustained, backed by the voice of our users.

Processing of graphite electrode

Our company is the only maker in Japan specialized in processing of electrodes which imports materials for graphite electrode from China / India and engages in cutting-out processing of the materials to make sockets and nipples.

●Applications: DC furnace, AC furnace, LF, etc.
●Size: diameter of 3”-22”, length of 30”-110”
●Advantages: reducing the number of accidents at connection points through high-precision screw processing, abundant inventories, customized processing catering to customers’ needs possible (hollow processing also possible)

Promising high endurance through processing with super-high precision

Our company has realized the reduction of contact resistance at poles and nipples to maintain the quality of graphite electrode, stably providing products with attrition suppressed that can even endure intense convulsion.

Specifications, current capacity and main attributes of our graphite electrodes:

Imported products

  1. 1


    Quality materials sourced.

  2. 2

    Sampling inspection

    Unique quality control.

  3. 3

    Processing of electrodes

    The only manufacturer in Japan that specializes
    in processing of electrodes.

  4. 4

    Processing of nipples

  5. 5


    Unique quality control.

  6. 6


  7. 7


    Prevention of load shifting in transportation.

  8. 8



Imported products

We also deal with finished products for which the cutting-out processing of the materials to make sockets and nipples is already done by Chinese / Indian makers.

人造黒鉛電極 輸入製品の取扱
人造黒鉛電極 輸入製品の取扱

Regenerative processing of broken / damaged electrodes.

We will accept the regenerative processing of electrodes broken / damaged in operation.
Such regenerative processing has both a pattern to cut the length and one to inch down the diameter, with damaged electrodes reusable that would be otherwise scrapped for recarburizer.
*Contact us first as there are some conditions for such regenerative processing.


Processing for anti-oxidization

We will accept processing for anti-oxidization.
The attrition by oxidization of electrodes will be reduced by coating their surface with anti-oxidization liquid, depending on the situation of your furnace.

  • Attrition by oxidization reduced
  • Unit efficiency increased
  • Unit cost decreased

Electrodes are to be immersed into vacuum impregnation equipment with anti-oxidization liquid to form the anti-oxidization layer on their surface.

Such anti-oxidation is expected to suppress attrition by oxidization of electrodes in arch furnaces with a high oxidization ambience with light work within them or on the furnaces (the effect will differ depending on the situation of your furnace).


Special carbon products

We also deal with special carbon products used for graphite crucibles, etc. other than graphite electrode.


Delivery results


Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries / quotes on our products such as graphite electrode (*quotes offered for free).

By phone: +81-93-522-5608, Sales Section.

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